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Request samples from a selection our most popular products before 6 pm, receive them during the next business day

  1. 1. Fill in the registration form for us to review your request
  2. 2. Once your request has been approved, create a password for your account
  3. 3. Log into your account on our website
  4. 1. Go to “Arca Samples” and choose from a wide variety of materials
  5. 2. Provide your shipping information
  6. 3. Receive your samples during the next business day

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What is Arca Samples?

Arca Samples is a tool designed for architects and designers to have samples delivered quickly and efficiently. Create an account to receive samples, free, in one day.

  • Fill in the registration form as an architect or designer.
  • Let us review your profile and, if you match our requirements, you’ll have access to Arca Samples.
  • Once your request is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • Log into your profile to see the materials with samples available.
  • Select the samples you want by clicking on “Order Sample”.
  • Add the sample to your wishlist.
  • Once you’ve selected all your samples, go to your wishlist, provide your delivery address and click on “Send”.
  • You’ll receive an email regarding the delivery of your samples within a workday.