Ecological Fire

Ecological Fire

Fireplaces have been one of the most desired items in houses, since they offer more than just heat to a space; they also provide a homey, family, and romantic atmosphere. For centuries, burning wood has been the favorite way to create fire, both for indoor and outdoor bonfires. However, it has recently been demonstrated that smoke that comes from wood has substances that could harm people’s health and the environment, in addition to the fact that trees are cut down to obtain firewood.

In order to mitigate these inconveniences, several options have emerged to substitute wood-burning fireplaces, which are considered environmentally friendly, since they use other materials to create fire. Ecological fireplaces offer several options, depending on the chosen material, but the thing they have in common is that they use sustainable energy to warm a space up.

An additional benefit of ecological fireplaces is that they are versatile. They can be used both for outdoor or indoor spaces and many do not require to be installed, unless they are embedded into a wall. Built-in options aside, they are light, so they can be taken easily from one room to another; there are also small versions you can set up on a table. 

3 kinds of ecological fireplaces

Gel alcohol

This kind of fireplace does not generate smoke, as wood ones do, so a duct to take smoke outside the house is not needed. Alcohol is placed in a deposit with each use, so it does not have to be connected to a gas pipe or electric outlet either. This is the most versatile option there is. There are two kinds of alcohol: ethanol and isopropyl, both produce steam instead of smoke when burnt and they do not leave residues behind, like ashes. Ethanol is also made from renewable ingredients, like corn, potatoes, and rice.


The great advantage these fireplaces offer is that they do not create any kind of gas; no steam or carbon dioxide. Something positive is that since the heat source comes from an electric outlet, there is no need for fuel every time it is used, which makes it highly convenient. Even though the heat level they can reach is less when compared with other kinds, these are very practical.


This kind of fireplace uses logs that look like traditionally used firewood. However, this is no wood, but burners instead, which hold gas on the inside, whether LP or natural. These fireplaces generate the most heat and can be set up indoors or outdoors, since their emissions are very low.