Museums from Home

Museums from Home

The satisfaction we get from learning something new or visiting something old is part of the amazing experience museums offer. The habit of attending occasional exhibitions has been interrupted and this is why many institutions have made their material available, free of charge, through the Internet.

With the purpose of offering people entertainment and access to cultural events, here are some of the exhibitions and activities you can enjoy from home.

Museo Jumex, Mexico City.

The team at Museo Jumex always delights us with great exhibitions, this season through Clara Porset: Diseño y Pensamiento (Design and Thinking). Clara was a designer and interior specialist based in Mexico, whose proposal was founded in the construction of identity through the vernacular and by translating modernity. The showing is developed from texts she wrote as a critic throughout her career, where she reflects on modern design. Aware of the struggle to visit the Cuban designer’s exhibition, the museum made it available through a digital tour along with curator Ana Elena Mallet. As part of the Museum from Home activities, there is a reading circle where you can access Clara Porset’s texts, in addition to art dynamics available through their social media.

Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

Museo Tamayo launched its Contigo en la Distancia (With You from the Distance) initiative, a public program composed by elements from the permanent collection and the current English for Foreigners exhibition. Its author, Stephen Prina, has suggested a series of movies available through the museum website. “During the following weeks, films made by him and produced by different directors will conform a program of diverse narratives which establish a dialogue between their conceptual interests and aesthetic influences”. (Museo Tamayo). In the same way, the curatorial team of the museum contributed by choosing two of their favorite pieces from the collection, and explain them through their particular narratives.

Museo Soumaya, Mexico City.

There is no excuse, you can visit it through guided tours, which take place daily at 12 and 17 hrs. or through the Museo Soumaya’s YouTube channel. These short reports cover several aspects of the great collection, from Auguste Rodin’s sculptures to Giorgio de Chirico’s metaphysical painting. The museum website also offers a digital archive where some of the most important pieces within the collection are studied through the Google Arts and Culture platform.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Art has the power of connecting, healing, and building communities…” (MET). With this idea in mind, the museum shows its commitment to promote knowledge and creativity within the society, by using digital tools. One of the most complete art collections in the world can be found inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, spanning over 5000 years of history. The 360-degree virtual tour of the museum’s most iconic halls is a project that its architect, Richard Morris Hunt, would have never imagined in 1902. The museum has a digital library that houses over 500 books and an extensive collection of free educational material. The team is also continuously updating and uploading new content.

The Broad, Los Angeles

This museum holds a contemporary art collection dating from the 50’s decade to the present day. The exhibitions held at this museum have the purpose of promoting and nourishing art appreciation in our time. The installation Infinity Mirrored Room&mdashThe Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, by Yayoi Kusama, is available through a contemplative experience, complete with music by local sound artists. The museum website offers showings of contemporary poetry and family workshops inspired by some of the most representative artists in the collection, as part of the Museum from Home program.