On Balconies

On Balconies

Some architectural items provide aesthetic and emotional value, one of them is the balcony. These small exterior attachments carry a cultural symbolic value and their usefulness continues to adapt even to our latest adventure.

Balconies became important once again due to social distancing. By being the only space where we can enjoy outdoor life in houses, hundreds of isolated citizens carried out activities in their balconies. In the last decades, they had not only been neglected, but also their reduced space made it hard for them to be lived in; however, by using some tools to customize them and optimize their space, balconies can become a valuable area for home.

  1. Give it a purpose
    When you look to make a space livable, it is essential to have in mind the functions it will have. In this way, the design and furniture will be focused on creating the best experience possible.

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  1. Customizable furniture
    Furniture designed for exteriors includes smaller options, perfect for a balcony. Folding options provide the possibility to keep them outside and have a space that can be used for different purposes.

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  1. Benches
    The distribution in balconies is usually narrow and elongated. Benches optimize this set up, by allowing you to walk among them and carry out activities.

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  1. Use the walls
    Walls are a great tool when it comes to reduced spaces, whether to liven up the place by setting up a vertical garden or by using them to store folding furniture.

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  1. Plants
    Gardening is known to offer great therapeutic benefits, in addition to providing visual benefits to the space. If the area is small, an alternative is to use planters or floating pots, which are easy to install on balcony railings.

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  1. Improvise
    DIY items tend to provide personal satisfaction, making this a perfect opportunity to carry out a renovation and revitalization project.

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