Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools

The deep horizon and blue reflection of aquatic hedonism put design on the first page and expand to the point where the view is lost. Pools, pools, pools, they are impossible to resist, especially when you can swim to infinity.

A hotel taken from a fairy tale, designed by Duoxiangjie Architectural Design, is found in the Hunan province in China. The Pingjiang Homey Wild Hotel is the archetype of men in their search to reach the sky; surrounded by mysticism, it triggers the wish to be in direct contact with nature.

The project features three buildings: Dinghui, Yanshang, and Ziyahui. The main one (Dinghui) was designed to be placed on the mountain top, it is 45 meters long and holds luxury suites and the main reception, which leads to an outdoor infinity pool.

Yanshang is placed on a smaller platform, 35 meters below the previous construction; here, we find a series of rooms arranged around a central living room. Making the most out of the landscape, a shallow pool makes its way to the rooftop, with the purpose to embrace the “outside in” philosophy. Natural rock was chosen as construction material.

The last phase of this work was Ziyahui, place destined to host the hotel’s events, located in a concave valley with a construction imitating the natural geography.

Photos: Weiqi Jin

Under the concept of living beyond the edge, Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio proposes a concept for a boutique hotel located in a Norwegian cliff, whose highlight is a glass swimming pool on a cantilever. This designed is meant (in the future) for the most adventurous guests. The long and narrow cantilevers of the aquatic space protrude from the balcony’s edge and are 100% glass; in this way, swimmers submerge into a landscape that seems to be endless.Render


Agroturismo Gossalba is a state located half an hour away from Palma de Mallorca in a land surrounded by 2,000 olive trees, space dedicated to people who love the countryside, hiking, cycling, and who are in search for disconnection. Their pool is infinite to a small scale, but that does not make it less attractive, since it comes with an olive landscape.

Villa K rises in the wooded hills of Thüringen, the first project in Germany by the Dutch studio Paul de Ruiter Architects. The building has a seamless glass façade, featuring direct views over the valley. Its roof and terrace are made of concrete; a rupture is created midway across the building in both areas forming a swimming pool. The water continues under the terrace, allowing people to swim under and outside the section that expands to the edge of the hill.

Photos: Patrick Voigt y Pieters Kers

Anaha is a skyscraper in Hawaii, famous for its protruding pool, work of Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB). Suspended from the seventh floor, 23 meters above the ground, and with a glass bottom, the facilities join the trend of vertiginous transparencies.

The tower has 38 floors and features a blue glass cladding, imitating the colors of the Pacific Ocean. Its design stands out for having a pile of volumes with curvy walls, separated between each other so they resemble waves, and reaches 122 meters high.

Photos: Nic Lehoux

The NOA architectural firm created a pool for Hubertus Hotel in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, which projects 17 meters forward, with a 12-meter height above the ground and is 25 meters long. The structure is attached using native larch trunks with no bark. The pool is inside a larger structure and its sides are slightly elevated to prevent from obstructing the view. The front features a glass opening, whose purpose is to offer guests a floating sensation. A detail worth mentioning are the dark gray rock panels covering both the interior and the exterior of the structure, which are meant to resemble the colors of the mountains.