#mustfollow, Instagram Accounts that Praise Architecture

#mustfollow, Instagram Accounts that Praise Architecture

The world revolves around social media, perhaps we cannot remember the exact moment when the transition to the eternal digital state took place, but today this is a reality that haunts, connects us, and allows us to expand our tastes and hobbies with people from all across the world who move on the same frequencies.

This is why we are listing 10 Instagram accounts on architecture, design, photography, and decoration, which praise the first of the seven arts and show its multiple aspects.


Roberto Conte is an Italian photographer whose projects go beyond conventional architecture. Something that stands out is his love for abandoned places, he offers them new life in a certain way and shows the beauty in decadence. He also photographs spaces that stand out for their design and art. 


This architect’s career covers more than 30 years, John Pawson is an enthusiast of simple architecture which expresses foundations and is moderate at once. His work expands across any typography; private houses, galleries, museums, hotels, and yachts are just some of his ways.

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Simone Bossi is a photographer based in Paris and Milan. With an architectural past, he studied in Milan and Seville and worked for five years between Italy, Switzerland, and Holland, until he decided to fully focus on photography. Through his images, he means to capture the feelings and atmospheres that can be created within a space, offering an introspective process as a result.

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Casa Elena / @deltastudio_ / Caprarola / IT / Film

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&Tradition are specialists in combining the old and new in furniture design, indoor objects, and illumination, from the classic models to new proposals; their catalogue will work as a broad inspiration spectrum for enthusiasts on the matter. 


Brutalism and Modernism lovers cannot miss this post-apocalyptic account. Here, beauty is dressed in gray hues and shows the style of an era that took place not that long ago, but which seems to be an abyss away in time. 

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Ryoji Suzuki in #BRUTgroup photo by unknown author via #_di_ma #isc20c

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Norm Architects is a Danish architectural and design firm located in Copenhagen. Established in 2008, their essence emerges from the balance between richness and austerity, between order and complexity. Each project is guided under the same line: simplicity holds great ideas.

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To mark the launch of the brand @karimokucasestudy , an exhibition hosted by the @kinfolk gallery showcased the furniture pieces alongside the works of local artists during 3daysofdesign. Located right above Copenhagen’s busiest street, Strøget, the Karimoku Case Study exhibition was a tactile sanctuary, composed of natural materials, earthy tones and references found between the artworks of the co-exhibitors and the furniture pieces. Inspired by the temples, shrines and gardens of Japan, the exhibition embodied a sense of calm; a soft, warm and minimal space composed of materials, designs and aesthetics that all elevate one another, the same way the design traditions of Japan and Denmark unite and promote each other through mutual admiration and shared values. #normarchitects #karimokucasestudy #softminimalism

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Estudio Macías Peredo, based in Guadalajara (Mexico), has a clear philosophy: manual work is a fundamental part of construction. They seek to adjust their timeless and universal interests to the environment in which we work today, and they create the conditions where anticipation and planning fuse with improvisation and experimentation in craft work.


The work by Ricardo Bofill – Taller de Arquitectura is backed by more than 50 years. Located in Barcelona, they create dynamic spaces based on the core of human existence; on its purposes, functions, and movements. This is achieved through a refined technique and a mature cultural sensitivity. The team at RBTA seeks to develop a liquid vocabulary for the surroundings, created in a constantly changing world. 

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Rory Gardiner is a photographer who specializes in architecture, based between London and Melbourne. His portfolio covers works from all over the world and he shows a clean and linear style in each of his images.

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Casa Mérida by @ludwiggodefroy in the latest @wallpapermag

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FRAMA is a multidisciplinary design brand, exploring the creation of everyday objects with an emphasis on the nature of materials; simple geometry and incomparable quality. Their purpose? To provide warmth and honesty to every one of their projects.