11 must-follow Instagram architecture (and design) themed accounts

11 must-follow Instagram architecture (and design) themed accounts

We can find pictures of architecture (and design) on Instagram, important source of inspiration for more than 1000 million users who, through different approaches, amaze us with what humans are capable of building. Here are 11 accounts you cannot miss.


This account gathers impressive houses across the world. It is perfect for getting ideas and convincing oneself that there is nothing better than having a nice way of living. 



Spanish lawyer Carlos Copertone, promoter of Caniche Editorial, platform dedicated to the publishing of art books, which promote architecture and visual arts. Through the pictures he takes, he shows us the charming corners of each building and construction that surround and interest him. 



Mexican architect and photographer César Béjar shows contemporary structures through his lens, most are Spanish and Mexican houses. His work has been published in several magazines and he has taken part on exhibitions in the American continent. 



Young Spanish architect Daniel Rueda, through his peculiar architecture-themed pictures, shares with us everything that, in his own words, has been taught to him along this wonderful journey; this is how he has become the author of stories through wonderful photographs.



Swedish professional photographer Jeanette Hägglund, who also works for the advertising industry and developing image banks, always adds her personal minimalistic, relaxed, and fun touch. In addition, she has presented her work in several exhibitions and galleries in different countries.



Portuguese Fernando Guerra is an architect, architectural photographer, and ambassador for Canon. He has been promoting contemporary buildings for 20 years. For him, it is important to capture the space in each construction, so we get closer to buildings across the world, free of prejudice.

His photographs are published by different media and his clients include Zaha Hadid and Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.



Brazilian Fran Parente lives on a horse’s back between Sao Paulo and New York. He is a photographer who specializes in architecture and interior design and he and his camera portray urban landscapes across the world. He also works for several magazines and his clients include AMAN Resorts, Ace Hotel, and The Wall Street Journal



Dutch graphic designer, Dirk Bakker, is an amateur photographer who isolates images of buildings to extract his own works of art from them. He is one of the founders of the marketing initiative @SeeMyCity, which promotes cities.



This self-taught French artist shows us different architectural elements in constructions across the world, through his colorful vision in soft and happy hues, making each picture an artwork in itself. 



This account takes pictures from building tops, mostly skyscrapers from all over the world. Undoubtedly, an original approach that takes us closer to what we cannot see with a naked eye.



Japanese Yuko Mouton is a fashion designer who takes pictures of the places she visits. Her account has become the compilation of exceptional constructions, which she allows us to see through her lens.


And so, through the lenses of architects, photographers, designers, artists, or simply people who are passionate about beauty when it is manifested in constructions, we can travel across spaces created by men all over the world.