Art as a way of life

Art as a way of life

Zeuxis is Amélie du Chalard’s maison d’art, Parisian project led by Batiik Studio, with a different approach for experiencing art.

An avant-guard gallery where art enthusiasts and collectors can arrange a meeting to visit and watch how their works of choice would look in a more homelike atmosphere.

Being the daughter of an artist, love for art has always been a part of me. Spending time in exhibitions, arts, and galleries is my main hobby and has allowed me to get to know many talented artists – Amélie du Chalard 

Around 150 artists and their work make up “Amélie”’s portfolio, among them are Nadine Altmayer and Annie Lacour’s sculptures, photographs by Olli Bery and Cyril Isy-Schwart, and paintings by Marie-Claude Bugeaud, Helen Butler, and Frédéric Prat.   

Batiik Studio is a design agency inspired by batik (technique used to dye fabrics on their reverse side, typically used in Indonesia, Thailand, and different regions of Africa). The studio uses materials meant for everyday life, but with a modern twist, where color is the main tool.

Project Name: Zeuxis Art Gallery/ Client: Amélie Du Chalar/ Type: Art Gallery/ Superficie:  200 m²/ Project Team: Rebecca Benichou and Sarah Chayeb/ Photographer: Bertrand Fompeyrine