Welcome to natural wellness

Welcome to natural wellness

The first step in order to reach a relaxing state is to let go, and a beach filled with people is often as stressful as a city. The ideal thing to do to fully disconnect is finding a remote place within nature, like the Woodhouse Hotel.

ZJJZ architecture practice introduces a hotel located in Tuanjie, China, a 10 wooden one-floor house complex established on a hillside that blends with the area’s forest. The project is born thanks to the new government policy to help end rural poverty through agricultural tourism. Tuanjie will become the perfect spot for those looking to isolate from noise, pollution, technology, and city chaos. Landscapes and farmlands rise free of smog and capture the natural beauty surrounding the hotel in a quiet space.

Due to its complex topography, a study was carried out to determine the houses’ location and orientation, so they could capture the best views without interrupting rock formations or the original woods. Since the land is hard to access, all construction materials were transported manually to the mountain, thus minimizing harm to the ecosystem.

The structure of each house was built with carbonized wood (made on site to reduce costs) and was placed on an elevated steel platform. Interiors are simple and classic, natural light plays an essential role, reason why there are several windows and the volume of rooms is minimized, so the feeling provided by the environment is not shortened and to guarantee comfort inside as well.

The design’s purpose is to harmonize with the landscape and the rustic environment, while contrasting against the village. There is a pedestrian path meant as access road that goes from the base of the mountain to the hotel.  

Name of the project: Woodhouse Hotel
firm: ZJJZ
Architects: Yuying Kate Tsai, Sean Shen, Xuanru Chen, y Zhenyu Cao
pelac: Tuanjie, Guizhou, China
year: 2018
area: 500 m2(40-50m2/building)
photos by:  Laurian Ghinitoiu y ZJJZ