Crafted Everyday Life

Crafted Everyday Life

The art of going back to the origin, craftsmanship, the precious crafts that large-scale production has taken from us, begin to restore culture one step at a time. Project Nadiia is born from this concept, from recovering the past by focusing on capturing the spiritual, artistic, and tactile potential of artifacts.

In this first chapter, the project presents a Ukrainian handmade ceramic collection. In collaboration with artist Masha Reva, craft techniques, thick black lines, and traces of bright colors were used, highlighting the warmth of national pottery.

The mastermind behind this initiative (which emerged in 2018) is Nadiia Shapoval, and the purpose revolves around the combination of traditional techniques and materials with a contemporary touch, a wake up call for the world to discover the beauty and depth of the Ukrainian heritage and culture. Large-scale, multifaceted, with the sociocultural mission to recreate the identity and adapt it to the modern world. In this day and age, when globalization is erasing the borders between national identities, Nadiia has the purpose of turning eyes back to the roots, a reflection on the things that shape a country and help it be. 


Masha Reva is a multidisciplinary artist (painting, collaborations for mixed media, body painting, jewelry, art direction), inspired by her native country (Ukraine) and its people, translating her creative vision internationally. Her most important project recently involves the art direction for The Rite of Spring at the London Royal Opera House.