When everyday life becomes art: objects that go beyond functionality

When everyday life becomes art: objects that go beyond functionality

People who love contemporary design will be delighted by the Diseño Neobarroco exhibition, which celebrates the masterminds on the matter, at Franz Mayer Museum through April 28th

The Neo-baroque design exhibition has 27 pieces that will allow visitors to learn about some of the proposals and concerns of contemporary design. Some of the designers that will be present in the exhibition are: Zaha Hadid, Alexander McQueen, Frank Gehry, Gloria Cortina, Nacho Carbonell, Junya Watanabe, Héctor Esrawe, and Carla Fernández.

The curatorship was commanded by Ignacio Prado (art historian and professor at Universidad Iberoamericana and Casa Lamm) and the showing is divided into five cores:

  • Baroque Gold. The transformation of materials: it establishes a conversation between the luminosity of Baroque and design and fashion.
  • The hall of arts. Fusion between materials and shapes: the influence of decorative styles on design.
  • The otherness of conceptual objects. The poetics of design: it places objects as mirrors of emotions.
  • Chiaroscuro camera. Objects of light and shadows: it turns towards the lighting resources of Baroque.
  • The garden of delights. Nature and artifice: it speaks about the importance of the natural environment and its moral and aesthetic implications.

The exposition speaks about everyday life and its artistic projection, creating a glance that goes beyond its functionality and the industrial aspect.

all photos by FRANZ MAYER MUSEUM.