David Chipperfield lands in Mexico City

David Chipperfield lands in Mexico City

Museo de la Ciudad de México will host an exhibition that details the work of one of today’s most relevant and important architects, David Chipperfield, from March 10th through May 12th

Films and photographs of recent projects; sketches and models that speak about the early days of his architectural processes; and design and final blueprints for construction will be some details that can be found in this exhibition, which will also be part of the Mextrópoli 2019 setting.

Some projects to be available in the exhibition are: Museo Jumex (Mexico City), James Simon Galerie (Berlin), the space for the SSENSE clothing sales platform (Montreal), and the restoration project of the National Gallery in Berlin.

David Chipperfield Architects was established in London in 1985 and as of that moment they have undertaken over 100 projects, which include: residential complexes, commercial and school buildings, spaces for the private and public sectors, in addition to urban projects and cultural areas.

Their career has been recognized with more than 100 awards, among them are the RIBA Stirling Prize given by the Modern Literature Museum in Marbach, Germany, the Deutscher Architekturpreis by the Neues Museum in Berlin, and the Mies van der Rohe Award. They have offices in Milan, London, Berlin, and Shanghai, which have an incessant approach in redefining design ideas to land them in architectural, social, and intellectually coherent solutions.

National Gallery of Berlin

James Simon Galerie
Jumex Museum
Neues Museum
WHERE? Museo de la Ciudad de México. José María Pino Suárez 30, Centro, mexico city.
WHEN? march 10th through may 12th, 2019