From the traditional to the contemporary

From the traditional to the contemporary

Tradition is taking up an important role within architecture today, respecting the past and combining it with the present in order to preserve history. Little by little details are reminiscent of the customs in countries where works are being developed and that links them in a special way to their surroundings.

Little Shelter is located in Chiang Mai (Thailand), it is a hotel created by Department of Architecture Co. The project was inspired by the area’s native architecture, which consists of a wooden structure with a tile roof. Its shape is asymmetrical and its western face was partially sculpted to become a deck, where guests can enjoy the panoramic view. Small wooden tiles are arranged forming a design that explores the possibility to fuse new materials into the system in order to create a contemporary architectural surface that is deeply rooted in tradition.

The roof is mixed with polycarbonate sheets, all cut of the same size, which makes the façade translucent. When the light touches different materials, from the solid wood to the different polycarbonate levels, they shine, creating a completely different appearance from the one at night, which seems some kind of lantern when lit by artificial light.

The public area creates a contrast with the simplicity of the exterior, it gives a gallery feeling that arranges the specific facilities of the place, inspired by the famous umbrella by Boh-Srang and also creates delicate and dramatic silhouettes, which express the local contemporary interpretation.

main Architects: Amata Luphaiboon, Twitee Vajrabhaya / Architect: Adhithep Leewananthawet / design team: Pitchaya Poonsin, Tanadeth Mahapolsirikun, Supavit Junsompitsiri / interior design team: Yada Pianpanit, Apisara Lertrattanakit / area: 890 m2 / Photo: W Workspace Company Limited