Design, Mexican Style

Design, Mexican Style

From October 9th through the 13th in Mexico City’s downtown area, the Mexican Design Open Festival is back with its 7th edition. Four days dedicated to the discovery of new talents, proposals, and celebrating the art of aesthetics.

The AMD (acronym in Spanish for Abierto Mexicano de Diseño) is an international festival that gathers the community of design in Mexico, year after year, to celebrate. All the disciplines that encompass the matter are welcome, regardless of the experience, scholarship, socioeconomic level, age, or identity and the purpose is focused on the diversity and the presentation of design as a tool to channel cultural, social, economical, environmental, and political problems. The event will revolve around exhibitions, workshops, installations, lectures, and other formats that take the audience closer to the designers’ initiatives.

We understand design as a vital factor to improve our quality of life and as a contribution of value both individually and for the community. The AMD seeks to raise awareness on this value and visualize the people who create it from a series of open invitations. Joint and active participation will be promoted within a single geographic area, which is Mexico City’s historical center through a multiplicity of actors and ideas.- Ricardo Lozano, Executive Director.

One of the novelties in this edition is the NOVEDADES Pavilion, where the industry’s most recent proposals will be presented without disciplinary distinction. This space emphasizes current concerns in the industry and answers the question: What is being designed and for whom?

Under Mario Ballesteros’ curatorship, this edition explores the popular in the matter and all its contradictions. Its focus is centered in the present and in the way in which design should vindicate its foundations and move towards a path of empowerment and inclusion.

In Mexico we speak about the popular, which comes from pōpulus, of the people. A popular design could be a contemporary amplification of what we know as popular art, consented term from the post-revolutionary era, which was used to label a whole universe of indigenous production and material culture, which came from the people.- Mario Ballestero 

Where: Historical Center

When: October 9th through the 13th