Design eclecticism

Design eclecticism

Interior designer Olga Hanono has been in charge of carrying out the redesign project of La Santísima hotel (in San Miguel de Allende), in one, as she puts it, very special intervention.

One year has gone by since she began talking about the idea of refurbishing this hotel located in San Miguel, magical town, but the thing Olga was clear about is that with the ideas she had in mind, she could make a significant change on the project, in addition to creating the perfect ambiance for the already existing space.

“I tried to create a personal, eclectic combination, with classic and Mediterranean touches”, she states. In order to do this, one of the most important things is learning about the history behind each plan and in this way, offer a unique design for the client, generating a proposal from personal needs.

The common thread for this hotel was equine style. According to Hanono, all the cities that live under the “polo” language, look equally enigmatic and exotic. And so, her proposal is that, in addition to this link, its essence should be reflected through aesthetic and original elements that make the space a beautiful and warm place.

The great challenge I faced was exalting the beauty of the landscape with the interiors and architecture in order to achieve an homogeneous, elegant, unique project, according to the surroundings.

But, how can you combine San Miguel’s personality with this contemporary twist? Through a formula that requires the synthesis of several elements until balance is reached: the combination of furniture, works of art, antiques, books, textiles, etc., from different parts of the world. Paintings, for example, are Hermès, antique elements are Moroccan, and rugs and crafts are Mexican. 

But here, the most important thing, she tells us in confidence, is that materials should transmit a feeling of permanence, just like the base of the work that is about to be painted, but which we would like to endure time, through the creative offer. 

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