Entitled to Beauty

Entitled to Beauty

“The Architect’s Studio” is an exhibition held at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, which, in its first edition displayed the career of renowned architects: Frank O Gehry, Henning Larsen, Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, Cecil Balmond, and Renzo Piano. 

The third part of the series will open on October 18th and this time, the guest architect will be Mexican Tatiana Bilbao. Under the concept of “everyone is entitled to beauty”, this creative woman seeks to develop a small amount of beauty for each person, with no profit. The houses have to look finished, contrasting with marginal areas, which reproduce in an uncontrolled way throughout Mexico’s different cities. According to her, not only museums, universities, and airports have to be designed by architects, everyone should have access to aesthetics.

The showing will be divided in three sections: The first one, LANDSCAPES, speaks about architects’ first step, the way in which they record the land, putting together materials and non materials which make up one place. Through different “landscape” categories, Bilbao explores the place and captures her research on collages and drawings. A series of works along with 14 others from Mexico City’s National Art Museum will be shown in this section, all focused on Tatiana’s aesthetic vibe.

The second part will be CURIOSITIES, going deep into the production of large format models, drawings, and collages that unfold the architect’s creativity. Here we will see houses, private villas, and social housing projects.

The last topic will be PLACES, where different materials and traditional building techniques will be seen, everything placed on boards that take the shape of 3-D collages (these are not finished works).

Los Terrenos, San Pedro Garza, Mexico, 2016 (Photo: Rory Gardiner)

A conversation between Tatiana and her mentor, Swiss architect Jacques Herzog will be screened within a cinematic space, in a movie produced by Louisiana Channel in 2019. Three other films will join in, speaking about her most important projects in Mexico: El camino del peregrino (The Traveler’s Way) in Jalisco, Culiacán’s Botanical Garden, and Mexico City’s Shining Path.

Eight large format mockups join the showing, made of natural rocks and speaking about iconic projects from Bilbao’s firm. Arca collaborates in this exhibition by the hand of Tatiana Bilbao in an active way, under one of the brand’s main purposes: to foster architectural culture internationally.Arévalo Museum - Adrastus Collection, Arévalo, Spain. Is expected to be completed in 2023.

North wing: two-story exhibition hall with sculptures by Alberto Giacometti.(Photo: Jeremy Jachym)

Where: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

When: October 18th 2019 through April 5th, 2020.