The world from a picture

The world from a picture

World Press Photo has been reference for news photography since 1955, by showing a contemporary and problematic reality, cruel, real, immediate, and international, the source of visual journalism.

From July 19 through September 15, it is back in Mexico City’s Franz Mayer Museum, with its 62th edition. 140 pieces show the work of international photographers under the topic “Stories Matter”. The exhibition features eight subtopics: Contemporary Issues, General News, Long-term Projects, Sports, Nature, Portraits, Spot News, Environment, and for the first time, Story of the Year.Yael Martínez, The House That Bleeds

As every year, the “World Press Photo of the Year Award” will be presented, which was given to American photographer John Moore for his work Crying Girl on the Border between Mexico and the United States. The work was awarded thanks to the fact that Moore stated a public protest for the polemic practice proposed in the United States to separate immigrant children from their parents.

Two Mexican photographers were recognized for their work: Yael Martínez, who got the second prize in the Long-term Projects category with his series The House that Bleeds (documented between October 8, 2013 and November 4, 2018), and which speaks about the missing people during the war against organized crime while Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto were presidents of Mexico.

John Moore, Crying girl on the border

Pedro Pardo also stood out with his photograph titled Border Crossing (November 2018), where he shows a Central American immigrant family crossing the contention fence near Chaparral, Tijuana. He won third place under the category Spot News.

The world’s most prestigious photojournalism contest, with 5,000 participants, 125 countries, and 95,000 pictures, showcases rural areas, cities, streets, sports arenas, landscapes, crowds, and conflicts, offers a window to the world we live in.

Diana Markosian, The Cubanitas

Pedro Pardo, Climbing the Border Fence

Chris McGrath, The Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

John T. Pedersen, Boxing in Katanga

Finbarr O'Reilly, Dakar Fashion

Pieter Ten Hoopen, The migrant caravan

Where: Museo Franz Mayer / when: july 19 through september 15 
Cover: Sarah Blesener, Beckon Us From Home