Mexican Architecture’s Cultural Trip

Mexican Architecture’s Cultural Trip

Mexico is present during Beijing Design Week. PALMA, Estudio MMX, TO and PRODUCTORA architectural firms will be showing their proposals on the Mexican Architecture Forum, space dedicated to the exhibition of projects and contributions they have made about Mexico City.

September starts with Design Week in Beijing (China). This year its main theme focuses on the 70th anniversary celebration of the birth of the People’s Republic of China, and some of its exhibitions are: NationalImage Design at the Beginning of the Founding of Republic of China, where there will be talks about the beginning of the national image during the Republic’s creation; Crossover Design, whose theme revolves around Mexico City’s exhibition.

The Central Academy of Fine Arts will open its doors to the showing Design Beyond Borders - Beijing Design Week, on September 6th and 7th, the purpose this year is to show (through the four lectures on architecture) the new meaning of the urban, from the ephemeral, while responding to emergency situations in search for a more inclusive life.

The whole exhibition will speak about the importance of public spaces and the need for these shared areas, whether destined to traffic, leisure, trade, or culture. The value of the right to use, which applies for every individual in the city, everyone can enter and stay without being excluded due to social or economic conditions. It also talks about the lack of this right and the problems it has caused for the people.

When: September 5th through October 7th, 2019

Where: Beijing, China

Grupo Arca contributes with Mexican architectural firms with the purpose to promote this discipline and position the country’s culture, this time by supporting these young studios in Beijing.