Design must not neglect the exterior

Design must not neglect the exterior

Every year, interior design trends tend to win the spotlight. However, we must not forget that the first impression is very important and a house’s exterior is like business card. Taking care of the façade, gardens, and outdoor spaces in general is as important as the inside.

This year, the trends on the matter are betting for out of the ordinary furniture, materials, and colors that stand out, regardless if the house is new or not, or if it is trendy. Below are five elements that define exteriors in 2019.

High quality materials

It is very important to watch the quality of materials when it comes to exteriors, so they do not get damaged with the environment, it does not wear fast, or has a bad aspect. Materials like modified wood begin to gain popularity. This kind of material modifies the pieces of wood by using chemicals or thermal elements to avoid the impact on the exterior as well as fungi, color wear, rotting, weakening, etc. Another trendy material is asbestos cement, thanks to its durability and low need for maintenance; this material does not break, crack, or rot; also, it maintains paint for a longer time.

Spa inspiration

The wellness trend also reaches the architectural aspect with spaces dedicated to relaxation, like yoga rooms or bathrooms with hydrotherapy. Now this expands towards the outside, creating patios or gardens with a spa aspect, where people can coexist with nature at home. A small pool or outdoor Jacuzzi, a meditating corner with a pond, or a wooden platform with a solarium can transform a space completely.

Intense colors

White and neutral colors on facades are usually the most traditional choice, but this year the color palette goes on the opposite direction and dark, strong, and shocking colors on houses’ exterior walls govern. Dark gray, navy blue, wine, and even black paint the exterior walls on houses (gray combinations are particularly gaining popularity). Black is being used as a rebellious accent, whether on one wall or on window frames, offering a riskier approach, without falling completely for the trend.

Spaces for spending time

The living and dining room have been spaces par excellence where people spend time together; however, today exteriors are getting all the attention. The furniture resembles more the one in interiors, which offers more comfortable and cozy living rooms destined for a patio or garden, long and white, kiosks to place dining rooms, and even full kitchens and bars, beyond the typical grill. Spending time outdoors will be more appealing with the right kind of furniture.

Outdoorsy home sweet home

Bonfires leave the countryside and enter the house’s patio. Creating spaces dedicated to the so-called fire pits motivates exterior coexistence, just like a chimney does in the living room. Creating these environments with materials that go with their natural trends, like rocks, bricks, or concrete, achieves a perfect integration. It is better to place wooden benches around the bonfire.


3 pieces of advice that require little investment to renovate a space.

  • A creative touch that reflects your personality can be a door knocker. These elements turn to doors to provide a unique touch, beyond their utility.
  • Light strings can completely change the aspect of one place. Those with warm light, specially made for outdoors, can be up all year round.
  • Music always offers a special touch, so waterproof speakers can turn a patio into a hang out room.