Because there, right there in the Danish city of Copenhagen at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, is where architecture is celebrated and where the work of architects like Frank O Gehry, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, or Jean Nouvel has been on exhibition under the title “The Architect’s Studio”, and whose purpose is no other than to gather part of their work and to foster (even further) the careers of different creative minds.

This year, in its third edition, the turn was for Mexican Tatiana Bilbao’s studio, who through her concept, means to give everyone the opportunity to be entitled to beauty. And this time, and following the line she drew some time ago to foster and promote design, culture, and art, Grupo Arca actively participates in the exhibition through different mockups of Bilbao’s work, made from natural rock.

Opening lecture at Concert Hall where the architect speaks about the purpose of her work and the exhibition.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will house the showing through April 5th, 2020, where curious people and art, design, and architecture enthusiasts, in addition to tourists, will be able to get the feeling of the architect’s work across its three sections: Landscapes, Curiosities, and Places. And let’s not forget to visit one of the obliged stops to one of the most visited spaces and museums in the area, where sculptures of master Alberto Giacometti can be seen up close among many other things (including the surroundings and gardens where they are located).

WHERE: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
WHEN: Through APRIL 5TH, 2020
Photographs BY Fabian ML