Boutique and design hotels to kiss crowds goodbye. Here, in Mexico City

Boutique and design hotels to kiss crowds goodbye. Here, in Mexico City

In vibrant, extensive, and densely populated Mexico City we find intimate hotels with a character of their own, where we are offered personalized attention in order to enjoy the experiences the city offers us (within a unique environment).

We came up with the selection for this list by considering not only that you’ll feel at home or better than that, but also location (history and environment), construction (respect for preserving history), harmony with the surroundings, curatorship in decoration, and attention to detail.

1. Casa Decu

It is the fusion between the bohemian spirit and Condesa neighborhood’s surroundings in a charming 27-room hotel. For its creation, the Nice to See You group respected the Mexican Art Deco style displayed on the façade and inside the building that shelters it. Each room has a unique design, focused on the same time period and inspired by ancient indigenous traditions; also, all suites feature private kitchen and TV area.

2. Casa Goliana

Oasis hotel with eight rooms, located in the dynamic Roma neighborhood, inside a beautiful house from the early 20th century, fully restored and which has maintained the architectural features from the time. The design, taking care of every detail, was commanded by Ana Leticia Reyes. 

3. Busue

Located in the heart of Polanco neighborhood, this 11-room hotel is one of the area’s most emblematic houses, thanks to its tradition of service and luxury lodging. For the design, its creators outdid themselves to develop an atmosphere where past and present meet. Imagined by her owner, Lolita Ayala, the place always intended to boast modern Mexican culture, where intimacy and a unique warmth mix.

4. Hacienda Peña Pobre

An 18-room historical hotel emerges near Tlalpan’s park, where a cultural space protected by INAH used to be a 17th century hacienda. Undoubtedly this is another success when it comes to using the space and providing lodging for tourists by blending local history and modernity with the comfort of its rooms.

5. La Valise

This eclectic hotel featuring three rooms, housed by a French style building from the early 20th century in the bustling Roma neighborhood, has managed to create a peaceful and calm spot where time seems to stand still; this is a place away from home where people can relax, explore, and create. The design, which blends the abstract with the pre-Hispanic, and the curatorship of suppliers were in charge of its owner, Yves Naman.

These are just some of the restored and redesigned facilities we can find in Mexico’s capital city and which, thanks to the vision and decision of their owners, turned into attractive spaces that provide joy to people in search of a unique experience. And being realistic, spending the night and starting the day in any of these places persuades you, in a positive way, to enjoy the journey.