In Mexico: the cultural exhibition with a German approach

In Mexico: the cultural exhibition with a German approach

The Sean Kelly Gallery in New York will be hosting the exhibition by German photographer Candida Höfer from February 2nd through March 16th, a look at Mexican culture through its architecture.

Candida Höfer creates an analysis, through photography, which explores the impact of architecture, focusing on the existing contrast between what a place should have been and what it became through its current use. Her work focuses on capturing the inside of large spaces, like libraries, theaters, churches, and museums.

Höfer travelled around Mexico during 2015 to take a series of pictures that would become part of the Mexico-Germany Dual Year Program 2016-2017, a cultural exchange between both countries where also scientific, musical, and educational showings took place.

The presentation consists of a series of photographs that tell the story from Baroque style from the National Museum of Viceroyalty to the Art Deco and Art Nouveau interiors in the Palace of Fine Arts. The photographer captures over 600 years in history and shows them to the world through her lens, detailing the essence of each space, while visiting Tepotzotlán, Guadalajara, and Mexico City, among others.

In addition, the exhibition will offer a selection of works that capture unique and hidden details in each one of the buildings, like for example the game of shadows created by light as it filters through a door. The purpose is to highlight details that usually go unnoticed.

Hospicio Cabañas Capilla Tolsá from Daniel Buren work in situ Guadalajara I 2015

Palace of Fine Arts Mexico City III 2015

Church of Santa Maria Tonantzintla I 2015

Degollado Guadalajara Theater I 2015

Hospicio Cabañas Guadalajara III 2015

Basurto Building Mexico City I 2015

Passage II 2015

Shadow 2015

Convent of Santo Domingo Oaxaca IV 2015

All photos by Sean Kelly