The most impressive shopping malls around the world

The most impressive shopping malls around the world

Shopping malls are crowded places, especially this time of the year, filled with people who are looking for presents, taking advantage of sales, and going window shopping to admire Christmas decorations. However, there are certain malls that are much more than just spaces with stores for going shopping.

There are truly architectural works in the world that are attractions in themselves, shopping apart. From technological amenities to underwater floors, and even entire zoos within their premises, these places change the traditional mall concept altogether.

The Mall of America

Considered the largest shopping mall in the United States and the one with most visitors every year (40 million average), the 4.2-million square-foot space located in the city of Minnesota is much more than its 400 available stores. You can even get married in this mall, since it houses a chapel where over 5000 people have tied the knot. But the place does not only pamper couples, in fact it is a dream place for children, since it is home to Nickelodeon’s theme park. And if that weren’t enough for kids, there is also a big aquarium. All these attractions would be enough to set it apart from all the other shopping malls, but this is not all. It also offers a comedy club, mini golf, flight simulator, hotel, waterpark, and several options to enjoy nightlife. Of course, if you prefer it, you can just grab a bite and a movie.    


Tokyo Midtown

Big Asian cities stand out for their closeness with technology, but this shopping mall in Tokyo proves that Japan also promotes culture and art. This is why there are five art galleries and museums within its facilities, with exhibitions changing constantly, like the Suntory Museum of Art or the 21_21 Design Sight gallery. By the hand of this lifestyle, there is an exclusive wine shop (owned by connoisseur Francis Ford Coppola), where you can find wines of the greatest quality at the bar, in addition to his personal collection. Luxury is experienced even on its walls, since the most renowned designers have their boutiques here and the hotel within the mall is nothing less than a Ritz Carlton.

21_21 Design Sight (Photo: courtesy)

The Dubai Mall 

Dubai’s most iconic building does not surprise just by being the tallest in the world, but it also catches the attention as one of the most impressive and largest shopping malls in the world, with 13 million square feet, equivalent to 50 football fields. It features 1,200 shops and over 100 restaurants, for those looking for a “traditional” afternoon at the mall. Those who want something to blow their minds will find this surprising dose on the floors where the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo are, with over 33,000 animals, or the Hysteria horror experience, whose production is spectacular. Entertainment for children is found at KidZania theme park, the Mexican brand that has reached this destination, at the world’s largest candy store, and the indoor ice rink.

The Dubai Mall (Photo: courtesy)

West Edmonton Mall 

Located in Alberta, Canada, this mall is the largest in the continent, so much so that there are people who consider it a city within a city. In order to understand its layout, it is divided into thematic areas, like Chinatown, in which the 800 shops are located. In addition to shopping options, there is an “inside space”, a park-like area featuring an indoor lake with sea lions and an interactive zoo. You can also find two theme parks: Galaxyland, rollercoasters included, and a waterpark that boasts the world’s largest wave pool. If this weren’t enough, there is also a concert hall, a haunted house, a funhouse, mini golf, and even a replica of one of Christopher Columbus’s caravel, the Santa María… just to mention a few attractions.      


Berjaya Times Square 

Located in Kuala Lumpur, this space in Malaysia pays tribute to famous New York’s Times Square by being a replica of the place, complete with subway stations and an area called Central Park. It is one of Asia’s largest shopping malls, featuring 7.5 square feet in construction, over 1000 shops, 65 restaurants, and 1,200 luxury suites distributed in the hotel located here. The mall, with 13 floors, tops the lists of the most envied, since it is the fifth largest in the world and holds Asia’s largest indoor theme park. Two floors of rollercoasters, a haunted house, and a gigantic musical stairway are among its attractions.