Fellini’s Spaces

Fellini’s Spaces

The greatest filmmaker among the best, the passionate Italian man who gave us 8 1⁄2, La Dolce Vita, and a wide catalogue that places him at the top of the seventh art. His movies are a blend of beauty and his settings, an ode to architecture.

Grupo Arca’s Design Center, along with ITESO present “Los espacios de Fellini” (Fellini’s Spaces), an exhibition that celebrates 100 years of the birth of the master mind behind Italian cinema. Fellini will be presented in a series of parallel events that will take place across all the available spaces within Arca in the city of Guadalajara, including the stage, where an installation will be set up to screen some scenes from the movies that marked his career. 

The exhibition will be divided into different spots:

- The photograph section will be dedicated to Fellini’s spaces, an aesthetic analysis on the proposals of the cinematographic architecture that became a milestone in the history of cinema.

- An audiovisual with scenes from his movies, divided in: the first stage: origins and the 50’s decade; the intermediate stage: the 60’s; and the final stage: 70’s and 80’s, everything accompanied by fragments of Nino Rota’s music, the filmmaker’s favorite composer.

- A retrospective of Fellini as an artist, examples of his most important drawings and his relationship with the architectural space, including his famous Book of Dreams, essential reference for Fellini’s drawings.

- Art pieces related to his films, commissioned to some emerging artist in this city, who can create relevant artistic interpretations based on the Italian’s movies.

- In addition to different programs during the expo.Movie: Casanova

Movie: 8 1/2

Where: Grupo Arca’s Design Center. Guadalajara.

When: February 13 through May 6, 2020.