Beyond Saltpeter

Beyond Saltpeter

The beach is not for everyone. Even though it is often related to relaxation, there are also other destinations where unwinding is the main charm, whether located in the Alps or lost in a jungle in Bali, the beauty of the surroundings and the design will make these your favorite places to spend a vacation.

Miramonti boutique hotel was created by Klaus Alber and Carmen Kruselburger Alber, the couple wanted a space that would promise a retreat within nature, this is why they built this hideaway in the Dolomites. Its design is timeless and classic, a small hotel that offers a cozy ambiance. Its front face is majestic, since it points at the mountainous landscape of the Adige Valley and Vigiljoch, yet the main attraction is its infinity pool.

Photos: Miramonti Boutique Hotel

Created by Atelier Lavit and located in Lac de la Lionne, France, the CGP Wood Cabins Hotel is eco-friendly and stands in the Avignon fishing reserve, composed of 10 suites that float as rafts on the lake’s coast.

Building a hotel surrounded by vineyards, on a lake, in southern France was challenging for the firm, reason why they had to create it around an eco-friendly plan; nature is the protagonist of this project, and thus was taken care of during the whole construction process.

Photos: Marco Lavit Nicora

Bali is a heavenly destination, which has been on the radar for such a long time. How could we get tired of it if it offers everything? The beach for saltpeter lovers and the jungle for those seeking to wake up within a green landscape. Villa Chameleon is a boutique hotel with a contemporary design, which only features 4-5 rooms, which allows for immediate unwinding and sets privacy at the top spot.

Photos: Villa Chameleon

Art Hotel is sheltered by an old building in downtown St. Petersburg, near the Fontanka River and its design was created by Hotels Only. They meant for the interior to contrast against the exterior, so its pink details and brutalist concrete were decoration’s main tools. The common area in the hotel features a bar and lounge on the first floor boasting a crystal ceiling; the rooms have concise surfaces and arched designs, with blue and orange as main colors.

Photos: Hotels Only

Encuentro Hotel is in the Guadalupe Valley, Mexico, where wine lovers can enjoy themselves among its seven vineyard hectares, tasting room, and underground wine cellar; the vineyards produce Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Nebbiolo, among other varieties.

It features 22 lofts with views of the mountains and the place’s winegrowing ground. Every room has a private terrace and an outdoor clay kiva. The experience does not end with the rooms or the gastronomy (at the open kitchen restaurant, Encuentro Guadalupe), the experience continues in the lobby and the warehouse, positioned at the center of the mountain, turning the hotel into a full landscape.

Photos: Encuentro

Located in Finland, the Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers its guests the possibility to sleep in the woods and guarantees minimal pollution caused by artificial light to appreciate all the natural phenomena that take place in the Arctic Circle, and at the same time, offers enough light to be safe during night walks.

Photos: Marc Goodwin

San Luis Hotel rises in Avelengo, Bolzano, Italy, a few miles from Merano. Its cabins are structures destined to make it easier to coexist with nature, divided into wooden chalets and tree houses, both featuring a rustic style, and taking care of the smallest details.

Photos: San Luis Hotel

The Waldhotel is located in Switzerland and it is the world’s largest building made with gabion (box or basket filled with rocks, soil, wicker, metallic mesh, stainless steel, or galvanized iron with low carbon content). It features 137 rooms, each with pine and oak wood, in addition to a terrace with views of the Alps.

Photos: Waldhotel

Iceland houses Bubble, out of the ordinary hotel featuring the “sleeping under the stars” concept like no other. A bubble serves as room and the Northern Lights become company during winter nights, while hiking through the woods is possible during summer.

Photo: Bubble

Levin Iglut is found in Lapland, Finland and it was born thanks to Tauno Mäkela’s dream. Open since 2008 with only four crystal igloos, its popularity quickly grew thanks to its facilities and its proximity to nature… today it boasts 24 igloos. A surreal landscape rises before the guests’ eyes and, regardless of the time of the day, the views are always delightful.

Photo: Levin Iglut