Architectural Melodies

Architectural Melodies

The new Liyang Museum presents the idea of a construction with musical touches, an architectural poem inspired by the city’s cultural and environmental heritage.

Located in Yan Lake Park, in the new Liyang (China) urban district, it was designed by CROX and its purpose is to have a space that connects with nature. This new place rests like a stone by a lake and becomes the landmark of this part of the city; the organic and wavy lines are reminiscent of the mountains, creating an open activity where the museum welcomes visitors from all over the world.

The Liyang Museum is inspired by a Chinese musical instrument, the Jiaoweiqin, which is also one of the area’s cultural symbols. It adopts the eastern approach and speaks about an architecture that coexists with its surroundings. To all of this, the studio adds the relationship with melody, the live interaction and the matter, taking three points as foundation: keijing (visualize and stage), xuange (hang and sing), and liuzhuang (flow). The purpose? To begin a discussion on eastern style. 

From the Asian point of view, architecture is seen as part of nature, containing both the interior and the exterior; connecting with human beings, the earth, and the whole universe . -CROX

Set on a low and green hill, its curvilinear, aluminum coated shape blends well with its surroundings. The lands around it act as a great entrance hall for the exhibitions, which will focus on the history of the city. 

Photo: Zhi Xia