Memory Houses

Memory Houses

Jardín 17, part of Luis Barragán’s Home-Museum, and the architect’s former studio (in Mexico City) will host the exhibition ‘Memory Houses’ by Robert Hutchison Architecture on the upcoming months of August and September.

The exhibition is a speculative project, focusing on the research of mortality and memory through the eyes of architecture. The eight houses, located along the banks of the Wye River in the coast of Maryland, show different architectural typologies (house, chapel, lighthouse, or monument), weaving a narrative on loss and remembrance. Memory Houses will complement Hutchison’s previous exhibition, Hutchison 2018 Gallery4Culture with new works, which include a series of pottery models created in collaboration with the Mexican workshop Cerámica Suro, a cinematographic projection on these constructions, and an installation with a 1:2 scale.


In addition to the exhibition, the book bearing the same title will be presented during the opening, which will document the eight buildings along with other houses the architect created in his studio. Essays by Victor Alcérreca, Taiji Miyasaka, Mary Ann Peters, Pia Sarpaneva, and Javier Sánchez will also be available.

This exhibition is part of the ARCA 2019 Program, alongside Jardín 17, Casa Barragán.

WHEN: From August 10th through September 30th
WHERE: Jardín 17, Gral. Francisco Ramírez 17. MEXICO CITY