Nature taken inside

Nature taken inside

Every year, architectural and interior design show new trends for renovating the spaces that surround us. However, suddenly we find some that defy the changes dictated by time and remain valid. One of them is the use of natural materials for finishes.

Natural rock, exposed brick, and different kinds of wood coexisting side by side are just some elements taking over all spaces, from bathrooms to living rooms. The purpose: to provide homes with a cozy aspect.

Woody warmth

Pine, oak, or mahogany? The type of wood is not as relevant, the idea is that it can be found anywhere you look. The proposal is taking over every corner: flooring, furniture, window and door frames, it is also present in structures as roofs and columns; also in exteriors, especially floors. The place where we can truly appreciate the change is in the increasing popularity of dark hues, which start gaining ground, although light tones are still well received. The kitchen is one of the spaces which are transformed most and not only through cabinets, also by floors and countertops.  

Vegetation is moving

The presence of plants in interiors can be appreciated more and more, from small flowerpots that add a green touch, to full gardens. More than only decoration items, they became central pieces for the concept of interior design. The choice depends on the size of the space; larger plants (with big leaves) can take up important spaces and prevent the place from giving an empty feeling; there are also smaller details like succulents, that work as accents anywhere. For people with more space, interior gardens, like vertical ones on walls, or small trees inside the house, are one of the most alluring currents. And if taking care of plants is not desirable, branches are the low-maintenance choice to add a natural element to interiors.

Clarity takes over

From bright decoration to great natural light sources, the goal is to give life to spaces through greater illumination. It is time to trade thick curtains for lighter options, which allow for sunlight to come in and add light colors, so they reflect instead of eliminate. When it comes to remodeling, windows are becoming larger, roofs give way to skylights and unnecessary walls are eliminated to create open spaces. In the same way, metallic finishes in silver, copper, and gold, help create reflections. 

The cozy touch

Textiles are present in fixed finishes, decoration items, and furniture. Jute and rattan are the most natural choices for interior design. The desire to include textures in more house spaces grows, playing with smooth backgrounds contrasting with opposite components, which adds warmth to the rooms and provides cozy feelings. Other textiles that are getting all the attention are wool, cotton, linen, and alpaca, from carpets on the floor and walls, to different cushions and even throws that live permanently on sofas.

Natural roughness

Different rocks, like granite and river stones, impose themselves in many interior spaces. Finishes for showers and details on floors and walls are some examples. Equally, they become essential for exterior floors, terraces, courtyards, and gardens where, in addition, different kinds of rock are combined with woods or clays. Another favorite for finishes is marble, used on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and flooring, perfectly combined with other natural materials.