Nomad and Eclectic

Nomad and Eclectic

India Mahdavi learned how to listen, analyze, and define what a space needs. To her, the human factor is essential and she usually compares places with faces; thanks to this, she manages to capture the energy and essence emanating from a space.

She is one of the world’s most important figures; famous for the use of color and the vitality she transmits in each one of her projects; India celebrates matter through an eastern pop in the west. Her career began in the 90’s, she opened the doors to her studio in Paris, France in 1999, and ever since, a colorful landscape has painted Mahdavi’s path.

In 2003 she inaugurated her showroom, also in Paris, and her first furniture line, and later she opened her store Petits Objets, in 2011, a place where she encourages crafts and the use of ancient techniques, in addition to adding her own color palette.

Always innovative, she now presents a new collaboration with the French paint brand, Mériguet-Carrère. This alliance is set under the concepts of the imaginary and the wisdom, which are also part of the brand’s essence. A 56-color palette, the same number as in a deck of cards, and under the name Flowers, this is what this project is about.

This is the first time I’ve created a painting collection. Flowers is a personal palette, filled with freshness and life. I wanted to capture all the colors in flowers, and I also added hues I have included in my projects and which take me back to my childhood. – India Mahdavi.