Poem on Reconstruction

Poem on Reconstruction

Restorations are a balance between respecting history and adapting a space to modern needs. Ideas come and go and result in a client’s forever home.

Casa A690 is the living image of a client’s needs, the existence of a previous building background, and of the firm Fino Lozano’s love for exploration, which created a style that architects decided to call “Mexiterranean”. The project was carried out using basic materials, like wood, concrete, and rock.

The elements that stand out the most are natural light and ventilation, thanks to double-height spaces. This, in addition to the use of arches in windows and doors, combined with classic blacksmith pieces and a sober design, with the purpose of letting users define colors. Aside from the basics in a residence, bedrooms, common areas, kitchen, and bathrooms, the firm created a tour game that turn going from one area to another a rather interesting task, providing the proposed design with different volumes. The rooftops became usable terraces and the architectural elements, such as the stairways, were transformed into some kind of sculptural piece. 

Architects Gloria López Aceves | María Fernanda Rodríguez Lozano | Architect Daniel Villalba | Architects Sebastián Aldrete | Isaac Padilla | Jonathan Castellanos
César Béjar Studio

Engineer Delfino Lozano / Structural calculation | Sistro Ingenieria y Proyectos S.A. de C.V / Systems | Juan Pablo Ojeda / Special systems / Electric / Plumber | Ameba / Carpentry | Alberto Flores / Blacksmith | Mooma Mosaicos / Finishes | Moen / Bathroom accessories | Liqen / Art | Interior en “v” / Gardening | XH Concreto / Microcemento