Sense of belonging

Sense of belonging

MASA is a collective design exhibition that will be open through April 13th. Its purpose: to show, cure, write, build, ask, provoke, teach, and learn about art and design.

The nomad project offers a space to present functional pieces by artists and designers who live in Mexico, but who are not necessarily Mexican, which leads them to wonder what they can expect from the place and what it offers them. Together, contemporary design and its biographic intention show the structures of a destination that is defined by certain ways that can provide nationality, but not a sense of belonging.

Masa Space

People can inquire about the possibilities and expectations of what a space or object can be through the pieces. In addition to designs, there are a series of texts and archive material that tell a story about the intermediate state between Mexico and any other country.

The artists who participate in this exhibition are: Alma Allen, Jose Dávila, Frida Escobedo, Héctor Esrawe, Lanza Atelier, Jorge Méndez Blake, EWE Studio, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Pedro Reyes, Jerónimo Reyes-Retana, Savvy Studio X Más, Brian Thoreen, Tezontle Studio, Vissio, V.V. Sorry, and Jorge Yázpik.

Héctor Esrawe

Ewe Studio

Pedro Reyes

Rubén Ortiz Torres


Jerónimo Reyes-Retana

Frida Escobedo

V.V. Sorry


Lanza Atelier

Brian Thoreen

Savvy Studio

Jose Dávila

Jorge Yázpik

Jorge Méndez Blake

Alma Allen

Note: It is advisable to have a guided tour of the exhibition to give it the sense it deserves, since the showing was curated with a background.