In his early days, architecture was the main point of interest and inspiration for young Hungarian artist Balázs Csizik, but today, he combines it with art, painting, and installations because in the end, all these fields are connected to it. Urbanism, the other great aspect of his work, as important as architecture; we shall not forget that we use buildings and they are made by us.

Visual communicator by profession, Csizik has always been interested in abstract photography, doing research on the connections between this field and traditional ways in the shape of painting and design. His inspiration? Raw materials, concrete buildings, and brutalism, everything able to reduce elements to a minimalist state. Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, and artists like Kandinskij, Malévich, Rothko, Moholy-Nagy, or Kassák.

We can also feel reality in nature, the key aspect is what we can store and re-evaluate in our everyday life.

His series, taken apart in this small portfolio, takes the name of Synesthesia, for which there are different meanings: ‘Subjective image or sensation, which affects a different sense’, ‘the union of two images or sensations that come from different sensory domains’, or ‘secondary or associated sensation produced in a body part as consequence of a stimulus applied on another part of it’, and all of them seem to fit the artist, who tells us that through it he “wanted to find how I can change the meaning of one image with colors and contrast, how I can show that sometimes people are separated from their urban areas, or how we can feel about buildings if we make them stand out”. Here, the relationship between human perception and what we can see and feel about our lives is examined. The main point of the collection was to find powerful combinations with dark backgrounds and colorful areas with larger space, to show, in this way, the relationships between constructions and humanity. The same can be seen in everyday scenes on the street. And with this and his staging, the artist reaches the conclusion that “you can see people in a rush, you can see gray and ruinous suburbs but, on the other hand, you can also see beautiful and meaningful things, every inhuman place has some humanity to it and vice versa. I wanted to show this social duality: how we live and how we connect with our urban landscape”.

My artistic view is inspired by modern experimental architecture and artistic forms like Suprematism and Constructivism.

His artistic vision is given by modern experimental architecture and artistic forms, like Suprematism and Constructivism. To him, architecture is one of the most powerful inspirations, having his own color scheme in his graphic designer facet, representing his work and also, trying to choose the most contrasted color for this portfolio as well as the gradient pairs so the backgrounds have a better effect. His art is less unnoticed with every passing day, having recently signed with the Hungarian contemporary art gallery Molnár Ani Gallery.Synesthesia is a perceptive phenomenon where the stimulus of a sensory or cognitive way leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive way.

His works are also inspired by nature, seeking for a relationship between urban and natural landscapes.

It is through this series that the artist meant to find iconic suburbs with a strong focal point to show how we live and how we connect with these urban areas.

Borderless colors can stimulate not only our eyes, but also our minds and tactile senses.