Landscapes are not eternal

Landscapes are not eternal

Art as means of expression and a connecting link to interaction, a force that manages to bring people together. This is the reason why Grupo Arca is committed to take it to every person with an interest on the matter; different exhibitions have become part of the group’s catalogue, each one with a different message that seeks to transcend and awaken emotions in spectators. 

The third exhibition hosted by the Design Center Guadalajara opens its doors under the title “Un paisaje nunca es para siempre” (Landscapes are not eternal). This time, the topic focuses on art lovers and explores images from their origin, the elements that make them up and help them exist. One month dedicated to Guadalajara-born artist Enrique Hernández, to learn about his perspective and the things that define him as creator.

Sin título (puente), 2019. Óleo sobre tela. 140 x 100 cm

Hernández defines his work as experimentation and addresses painting from a multiplicity of positions around what constitutes a pictorial image. He uses the constant representations of the landscape to mention the surroundings and its interpretation. His proposal is made up by an analysis of growth and visual language, assessing the way in which human beings become involved with and consume images; questioning the creation of the world through a representation of the current image and the way it affects the present day. The artist opens the door to a series of questions on the nature of representation.Sin título, 2019. Óleo sobre tela. 140 x 100 cm

His work is known as Panorama and narrates the art of painting with the remains of the digital image. The multiplied vision that creates a full and complex range of different planes of the surroundings, as layers of information created using simulators (Google Earth). A representation of the effects on the image caused by processing speed, experimenting with painting is an exercise of reinterpretation of what is visible, of the phenomena that condition our perception.paseo alterno III, 2019. Óleo sobre tela. 180 x 140 cm

In the same way, this exhibition will also offer the work by Juan Carlos Guerrero Santos titled “Si tuviera que construir una torre” (If I had to build a tower)."Si tuviera que construir una torre"

Where: Design Center Guadalajara. Avenida Acueducto 6050, Lomas del Bosque. Zapopan, Jalisco.

When: November 27th, 2019. 20:00 h.