Japan, Mexican Way

Japan, Mexican Way

Architecture surpasses more and more cultural barriers. The minds within the matter go deep into the work of renowned architects, regardless of their nationality, in order to enrich the discipline. 

Jardín 17 Casa Barragán presents the first edition of Programa Arca 2019, whose guest will be Go Hasegawa, who will have his pavilion, Flying Carpet, on exhibition for three months, along with a gallery of images and drafts of his design processes within the practice.

The Japanese architect established his firm, Go Hasegawa and Associates in 2005. His style stands out for blending tradition with modernity, and he has gathered numerous prizes throughout his career. Some examples are: the House in a Forest project, which in 2005 was awarded with the Kajima Prize; House in Sakuradai won the Gold Award during the 28th edition of the INAX Design Contest (2007); and he was awarded with the AR Design Vanguard in 2014. Hasegawa is also an active lecturer for several educational institutions: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, and Politecnico di Milano.

Programa Arca 2019 consists of collaborations between some members of Fundación Arquitectura Tapatía Luis Barragán and Grupo Arca. The purpose: to give exposure to international architecture in Mexico. Each event within the program presents the design and essence of the guest architect.

The famous Jardín 17 Barragán is a space that encourages reflection and the dissemination of culture. Luis Barragán used both the garden and the pavilion for different artistic and professional activities. In 2016, Mexican architect Alberto Kalach restored the property, respecting the original design.


When: From October 26th (from 16:00 to 20:00 hrs.) through January 31st, 2020.

Where: Jardín 17. Gral. Francisco Ramírez 17, Mexico City.